The Lincoln County Conservation District will NOT be doing a Tree Program for 2023

The Lincoln County Conservation District holds an annual Seedling Tree Program to make available low cost seedling trees to community landowners. The purpose of this program is to encourage landowners to plant effective wind barriers and for erosion control, reforestation and other conservation practices. Planting Trees not only provides aesthetic value but wildlife habitats benefit also. The tree varieties offered for sale have been chosen because they are the best varieties for the diverse and extreme Wyoming climate. Although all species listed here have been proven adaptable to southwest Wyoming conditions, each species may have limited adaptability to local soil types and conditions. While the district does everything possible to promote survivability of the stock, no guarantees can be provided.


Please download and print the Nursery Buyer's Guide PDF that contains beautiful color photos and descriptions of the different trees available.

Please download and print the Planning Guide PDF that contains valuable information on how to plan for your new tree planting.

Please download and print the Tree Planting Guide PDF that contains essential information on how to plant and care for your new trees.

Please download and print the Tree Order Form PDF that contains important information about this year's seedling tree sale.


Orders for seedling trees will be taken from Dec 1 to the First Week in April each year.

After completing the form and choosing the trees you will purchase,
please sign the form, include payment in full, and then send the form to:

Lincoln Conservation District
P.O. Box 98
Cokeville, WY 83114
(307) 279-3256